I was born free, on November 1st 1945, Reșița, România


I studied art and polytechnics as follows

1960-1965 Studies in fine art with Professor Falocshy

1965-1968 Polytechnics in Resita, engine builder and mechanical engineer

1969-1971 West University in Timisoara, Pedagogical Institute, drawing specialization, with Professor Leon Vreme



1971 Fine Art Museum in Timisoara

1975-1985 Annual exhibitions organized in Timisoara, Lugoj, Bucuresti

1986 personal exhibition in Heidelberg, Germany in my own gallery

1987 Group exhibition in Aachen and Heidelberg / Germany

1992-1994 mural paintings in Harry’s Bar, Salvatore Pasta Fresco, G. P. Bastian, Susy Wong Bar, South Bridge Road / Singapore

1994 personal exhibition in Swee Guan gallery / Singapore

1998 personal exhibition The four elements at Art Forum Gallery

1998 Culture Color Conexions, itinerant group exhibition at: Takashimaia, Kuala Lumpur, Perth

1998 group exhibition at Oberoi Hotel, Bali, Indonezia

2000 group exhibition Various Artists – New Works, Taksu gallery, KL

2000 personal exhibition in Sun Jin Gallery / Singapore

2000 group exhibition at Arang, Taksu gallery, KL

2001 mural painting commissioned by Changi Chapel Museum, Singapore

2002 mural painting „The Last Battle” in the memory of Malaysian army, commissioned by Bukit Chandu Museum, Singapore

2003 personal exhibition at Niteroi Museum, Rio de Janeiro, Brazilia

2005 personal exhibition at TCC Singapore

2005 mural painting and ambient design at Orchard Tower, Singapore

2005 personal exhibition at Sabana Cor, Johor, Malaiezia

2006 personal exhibition Resurrection, Helios Gallery, Timișoara / Romania

2009 personal exhibition, Helios gallery, Timișoara / Romania

2013 mural painting commissioned by Chuck Wagon / Singapore

2014 personal exhibition at Garana Jazz Festival / Romania

2014 personal exhibition at Helios Gallery – Timisoara / Romania

2014 personal exhibition at “Book Sign” bookstore – Resita / Romania



Mural decoration – Youth Center in Timisoara, together with the sculptor Peter Jecza

Mosaic at the West University in Timisoara with the artists Leon Vreme, Adalbert Luca, Sulea Gorj

1967-1986 Posters and cover design for rock and jazz bands

Scenography for the Resita Theater / Romania

Actor in Țiganiada Play written by Victor Cârcu at West University Theater, Timisoara, Romania

2099 Scenography for The Clouds by Aristofan, director: Sabin Popescu

Fine art and pedagogical activities in Nepal

1972-1973 International Politic Theatre Festival, The Mirrors play, Zagreb / Serbia

Acting in various movies with the Phoenix Band (The foreign Agent, Immortals …)

Documentary movie on my life and work Valeriu Sepi – Alone but with myself, director Florin Mândruleanu (working in progress)