Valeriu Sepi

Keep walking, keep creating since 1945


From 1971 to 1985, when he left Romania, he eXhibited his graphic art, sculpture and paintings and was involved fresco decoration monumental art, mosaics and in significant Art movements such as pop music and modern theater.

In 1986 his had settled in Heidelberg. Germany where he had opened a personal Gallery with permanent exhlbition. His work can be found in museum and private collections in Romania. Germany. Italy. France. England. Holland. Canada. USA, Indonesia. Malaysia. Nepal. Bali. Australia and Singapore. Appointment as a Art Director for the prestigious Maritime Showcase Project in 1991. brought Sepi to Singapore, where he is presently based.

From 1992 to 1994 he was involved in Projects along the renovation of Boat Quay and Clarke Quay providing murals and paintings.

From November 1994 to February 1995 Sepi spend time in Nepal teaching Nepalis students about art. sponsored by Hans Hoeffer and Ian Spence.

In 1998 he has completed a Government Project for eleven mural paintings for new KK Gynaecological hospital – Singapore His work in Singapore includes murals. wherever the historical character of Singapore is being preserved.

Sepi believes in a Universal structure and global integration of the diverse disciplines of art. such as design. graphics, photography. sculpture. films. advertising, etc.

From 1998 to 1999 he was currently Art Director of Desaru Impian Resort in .Johor.

From May 2003 to May 2004 cultural exchange – personal eXhibition and life drawings classes in the Museum of History and Art – Niteroi. Rio de Janeiro Brazil.